Batphone by Marx

Batman Batphone Louis Marx and Co. released this Batphone toy in 1966.

This telephone toy was molded of red plastic and measured appx. 8" in length. It was molded with a unique bat-like shape and featured Batman-themed decals. When a child picked up the receiver and pressed a button, one of ten different sound recordings was activated. The box for this toy measured 10"x10"x5", with a flip-top lid.

On the Batman TV series, Batman had a red telephone 'hotline' which was connected directly to the office of Gotham City's Police Commissioner Gordon, and which made an appearance in most episodes. This toy could help kids replicate this kind of imaginative play.

Value: This item in Excellent condition is difficult to find, especially with its original packaging, and could bring as much as $300 - $350.00.