Batman Playset by Ideal

Batman play set With the popularity of the Batman TV show starting in mid-late 1966, the DC Comics superhero became clamored after by children who wanted toys devoted to the character and his bizarre cast of characters.

Ideal Toy Co. produced several playsets devoted to Batman which also contained Robin, Superman, Wonder Woman, and (sometimes) Aquaman and the Flash. There were several different versions of the basic playset configuration which featured between 6 and 24 different playing pieces. Each configuration came in a window-front box that showcased the figures in a small diorama scene.

In addition to the superheroes, also included were the Joker, the Key, Brainiac, a couple of generically villainous characters including a tall robot; a radar dish representing some sort of ray weapon, etc.

While the superhero figures were hand-painted, the badguys were all solid-colored, unpainted plastic. The figures were each approximately 3" tall (with the robot character somewhat taller).

Many of the playset variations were Sears exclusives.

These playsets are hotly sought after today by both vintage toy collectors and comic book fans, and are thus rather expensive.