Batman Utility Belt by Ideal

Batman Utility Belt by Ideal Ideal released this Batman Utility Belt toy set in 1966.

This was a multi-function toy which contained a number of smaller items, all themed to the Batman character and TV series:
- Radio Belt Buckle with secret compartment
- Bat-Handcuffs
- Miniature Flashlight
- Bat Rope with bat-shaped grappling hook
- Message Sender
- Grenade-Firing Gun
- 2 Grenades (which could hold caps)
- Batarang (bat-shaped boomerang)

The belt itself was soft yellow vinyl made to fit a younger child.

Batman's utility belt was an important part of the mythology of the superhero character. Since Batman had no powers of his own, he often had to rely upon ingenious tools and devices of his own design. The Batarang is probably the most famous of these. (And the Bat Shark Repellant, from the 1966 film, is probably the most infamous.)

Value: Finding an Ideal Batman Utility Belt in excellent condition, especially in its original packaging, is terribly difficult. As a result, one would probably fetch between $1,000 and $1,200 at auction. Only a handful exist (in the stated condition), and are already in the hands of dedicated collectors.