Dr. Jekyll as Mr. Hyde model kit

Dr Jekyll as Mr Hyde model The Dr. Jekyll as Mr. Hyde model kit was released by Aurora in 1965, as part of the third wave of their popular Monsters series.

The kit shows Jekyll already transformed into Hyde, holding the formula beaker up while grasping his own neck. Also on the flat base are a stool, table (complete with other beakers and spider web), two rats, and a nameplate that gives the name of the kit.

The Mr. Hyde depicted here closely resembles that portrayed by Fredric March on film.

There are two versions of this model: the original and the Glow Monsters version, with extra glow-in-the-dark parts, with two different boxes (Glow Monster version shown at right).

Note: The original molds for this model have apparently been lost or destroyed, so that no exact modern reproductions can be made.