Frankensteins Flivver model kit

Frankenstein's Flivver model Aurora released their model kit of Frankenstein's Flivver between 1965 and 1967.

The Frankenstein's Flivver model kit showed the Monster, from above the waist, rising up out of an outrageously customized and very small automobile, playing with a yo-yo while smoke bellows out of the car's exhaust pipes on both sides. It is molded in light gray plastic.

This was one of a small series of kits from Aurora called the Monstermobiles, which combined the classic monsters with souped-up cars (two big pop culture trends of the mid-1960's). Unfortunately, the models didn't quite appeal to either the monster fans (because the monsters weren't treated seriously enough) nor the car modelers (who just wanted cars, and not wacky monster characters - Ed 'Big Daddy' Roth's work notwithstanding).

This kit was patterned by Adam 'Larry' Ehling. The box art was by James Bama.