Phantom of the Opera model kit

Phantom of the Opera model kit In 1963 Aurora, working their way down the horror character ladder, released their model kit devoted to the Lon Chaney version of the Phantom of the Opera. The kit was 1/12 scale and molded in black plastic; it came in a 4"x13" box.

The character is posed dramatically, revealing his disfigured face and holding his (removable) mask aloft. He is apparently standing at the summit of a dungeon of some sort, as there is a miserable-looking person wailing behind a barred window at his feet; a rat also scurries by.

In 1969 Aurora reissued this kit with glow-in-the-dark pieces - specifically, the head, hands, and mask. Owners had the option of building the model with all normal black pieces, or substituting the glow pieces for certain ones. The box for this issue measured 12"x12" (shown at right).