Witch model kit by Aurora

Witch model The Witch model kit was first released in 1965 as part of Aurora's Monsters series. It was the first of the series not to be based upon any specific movie character.

The model shows the witch in a diorama scenes, presumably her lair, with a cooking cauldron, a section of wall, a shelf, and a few bottles along with the Witch character standing upon a base.

These 1965 release kits were made somewhat smaller than previous models, at about 1/11 scale, rather than the earlier 1/8 scale.

The original Witch kit and box were released until 1967; the Glow Monsters version (shown at right) was on sale from 1970 to 1975.

Noted genre artist James Bama (born 1926) did the origiinal box artwork; his wife Lynne posed as the Witch.