Space and Sci-Fi Toys

space and sci-fi toys America's space program was going strong throughout the 1960's, and it was generally a time of optimism about our country's future out among other planets and stars. The Soviets' launching of Sputnik in 1957 had given everyone a kick in the pants, and President Kennedy had pledged to have a man on the Moon by the end of the decade. In July 1969, several years after his death, Kennedy's promise was made good, and humans took their first steps upon the surface of another world.

Before then, though, the space program, and its promise of a better future, enthralled young people and adults alike. Advances in such scientific subjects as electronics and nuclear power made it look as though we about to step out and conquer the Universe. Naturally, the children's toys of this time reflected that aggressive optimism.


Cragstan Great Astronaut
Jupiter Robot
Moon Explorer
Planet Robot
Robert the Robot


Double Barrel Space Ray Gun*
Lucky Tommy Gun*
X-1 Flashy Ray Machine Gun*
X100 Mystery Dart Gun*


Apollo-11 American Eagle Lunar Module
Apollo X-5 by Masudaya*
Capsule 6 by Masudaya*
Flash Space Patrol
Mercury Capsule
Moon Detector
Moon Patrol XT-978*
Moon Traveler Apollo-Z
Space Station by Nomura*
Space Whale Ship*

Playsets and Misc.

Astro Base by Ideal
Cape Kennedy Playset by Marx
Hamilton's Invaders
Johnny Apollo
Operation Moon Base by Marx