1960's Space and Science Fiction Toys

America's space program was going strong throughout the 1960's, and it was generally a time of optimism about our country's future out among other planets and stars. The Soviets' launching of Sputnik in 1957 had given everyone a kick in the pants, and President Kennedy had pledged to have a man on the Moon by the end of the decade. In July 1969, several years after his death, Kennedy's promise was made good, and humans took their first steps upon the surface of another world.

Before then, though, the space program, and its promise of a better future, enthralled young people and adults alike. Advances in such scientific subjects as electronics and nuclear power made it look as though we about to step out and conquer the Universe. Naturally, the children's toys of this time reflected that aggressive optimism.

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Big Loo
Blink-A-Gear Robot
Change Man Robot
Colonel Hap Hazard
Cragstan Great Astronaut
Dino Robot
Forklift Robot
Jupiter Robot
Machine Robot
Mechanical Walking Space Patrol
Moon Explorer
Mr. Patrol
Planet Robot
Robert the Robot
Robot Commando by Ideal
Space Commander
Space Explorer
Space Robot X-70
Television Spaceman
Yakkity Yob


Astro Ray Gun
Astro Ray Laser Lite Beam Dart Gun
Astroray Gun
Atomee Water Pistol
Atomic Gun
Double Barrel Space Ray Gun*
Jet Plane Missile Gun
Lucky Tommy Gun*
Over and Under Ray Gun
Pop Gun
Ranger Gun
Ratchet Water Pistol Ray Gun
Ray Dart Gun
Satellite & Rocket Pistol
Space Atomic Gun
Space Gun
Space Outlaw Ray Gun
Space Pilot Junior Ray Gun
Space Scout Spud Gun
Space Water Gun
Star Team Ionization Nebulizer
Super Space Gun
Universe Gun
X-1 Flashy Ray Machine Gun*
X100 Mystery Dart Gun*


Apollo-11 American Eagle Lunar Module
Apollo Lunar Module
Apollo X-5 by Masudaya*
Bullet Skyliner
Capsule 5
Capsule 6 by Masudaya*
Fireball XL-5 Spaceship
Flash Space Patrol
Flying Saucer by KO-Yoshiya
Friction Moon Rocket
Friendship 7
Lighted Space Vehicle
Lunar Captain
Lunar Transport
Magic Color Dome Mercury Explorer
Magic Color Moon Express
Magnet Rail Moon Orbiter
Mechanical Satellite Fleet
Mercury Capsule
Moon Detector
Moon Explorer
Moon Patrol XT-978*
Moon Rover
Moon Traveler Apollo-Z
New Space Capsule
Planet Y Space Station
Radicon Space Pathfinder
Rendezvous 7 & 8
Satellite Flying Saucer
Satellite Launching Truck
Satellite Monitor
Sky Patrol Jet
Space Capsule
Spacecraft Apollo
Space Orbitestor
Space Patrol Car
Space Patrol R-10
Space Patrol Tank
Space Patrol X-11
Space Ship X-5
Space Station by Nomura*
Space Whale Ship*
Super Apollo Space Capsule
Super Moon Patroller
Super Space Capsule
Two-Stage Rocket Launching Pad
USA - NASA Apollo
USA - NASA Gemini
Walking Space Patrol

Playsets and Misc.

Astro Base by Ideal
Astronuat Space Commander Play Suit
Billy Blast-Off
Bubble Beanie with Satellite Spire
Cape Canaveral Missiel Center Playset by Marx
Cape Kennedy Playset by Marx
Cape Kennedy Playset by Remco
Fireball XL-5 Space City Playset
Golden Astronaut Sets
Hamilton's Invaders
Johnny Apollo
Lost In Space 3-D Action Fun Game
Lost In Space Helmet & Gun Set
Lost In Space Switch N Go
Martian Bobbing Head
Men Into Space Astronaut Space Helmet
Moon Exploration Snow Dome
Moon McDare
Mystery Space Ship by Marx
Operation Moon Base by Marx
Orbit Yo-Yo
Rocket Ride
Space Safari Planetary Playset
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Scout Playset
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Seaview Playset