Blaze the Horse

Blaze rocking horse Blaze was a rocking horse toy produced by Mattel during the 1960's.

Blaze featured prominently on children's television advertising of the time. Unlike other rocking-horse toys of the same era, Blaze was much more than the typical static horse figure mounted via springs to a frame. Blaze could talk via a 'Magic Ring' talking device, much like other toys produced by Mattel during that same period (e.g. Chatty Cathy, See 'N Say, etc). Blaze could say 11 different expressions like "How about some hay?"; he could also whinny and neigh. The other innovation had to do with Blaze's legs - they would gallop realistically when the horse was rocked forward and backward via spring action.

Blaze was made of hi-impact rigid plastic in black with white markings (referred to as a pinto), with a molded black saddle and red blanket. He also had attached reins, fixed hand-posts and 2-position foot rests. The stand was made of 1 inch tubular steel. Saddle height was 29 inches and he was recommended for ages 1–7. Blaze was marketed in most retail catalogs, such as Sears, J.C. Penney, and Montgomery Wards.