Marx 6-Inch Figures

Marx 6 inch figure Marx began manufacturing a line of 6"-tall figures beginning in the early 1960's. The figures depicted were fighting men of various nations and eras, such as Vikings, American Indians, cavemen, Japanese soldiers, frontiersmen, etc. They were molded in solid colors of relatively softer plastic.

The figures were similar in design to the much smaller plastic figures that came with the playsets for which Marx is now so famous and fondly remembered. But, at this greater size, more detail was available to the sculptors, along with more dynamic action poses.

The figures were meant to be sold in retail outlets for a modest price; many of them sold for less than a dime each, enabling kids with some extra pocket money to create sizable battle scenes with varied participants.

A similar line of figures under the Marx (actually, 'GoldMarx') name were manufactured in Hong Kong. These were hand-painted hard plastic figures, which sold for considerably more money than their American counterparts. Several types of warriors were available in this line that didn't come in the regular unpainted line.

There were other types of figures produced by Marx in the same size and design as the unpainted, solid-color plastic figures, such as astronauts, monsters, superheroes, Nutty Mads, etc.