Marx Nutty Mads

Nutty Mads The Nutty Mads were a series of solid-colored plastic figures manufactured by the Marx Toy Company around 1963-64. The figures were appx. 6" in height and came in a variety of bright colors such as light blue, red, yellow, etc. (although the first figures were reportedly modeled in more pastel-like shades of pink and lime green).

The Nutty Mads closely resembled the wild-eyed characters created by Ed 'Big Daddy' Roth, whose grotesque creations - such as Rat Fink - had been infiltrating popular culture during the early 60's.

Marx produced a number of different 6" figures during this time that dealt with a variety of adventure-type characters, such as Vikings, Revolutionary War soldiers, World War II soldiers of various nations, cave men, etc. The Nutty Mads were simply a lighter variation of these.

The figures were originally sold in department stores for 15 cents each.

Eighteen Nutty Mads were produced in total, six in each of three different series. The name of each character was printed on the bottom of the figure.

Series 1:
- Roddy the Hot Rod
- Manny the Reckless Mariner
- Waldo the Weightlifter
- Rocco the Champ
- Dippy the Diver
- Donald the Demon

Series 2:
- The Thinker
- Lost Tee-Pee
- Bull Pen
- Suburban Sidney
- Hogan the Cop
- End Zone

Series 3:
- U.S. Male the Postman
- Hipo-crit the Doctor
- Smokey Sam the Fireman
- Mudder
- Gutterball Annie
- Now Children the Teacher

Marx also produced other toys devoted to the Nutty Mads characters, including battery-operated toys and a target game.