Toys of the 1970s

Big Wheel Most young people today tend to think of the 1970's as a goofy world of disco music, campy TV shows, outrageous fashion, and untrimmed body hair. Okay, they have a point. But to those of us who grew up in that era, it was a decade full of fantastic pop culture, especially the toys. From Big Wheels to Big Jim, from Hugo Man of a Thousand Faces to Slinkies and Lite Brites and Snoopy Snow Cone Machines, it was a great time in which to grow up. What some of us wouldn't give to be able to go back to those hot, hot summer days, schlepping to the store to buy Star Wars cards or pop rocks, only to come home and have a huge action figure battle on the porch with all of our Mego heroes and badguys with an Evel Knievel or Micronaut thrown in....

Answer Me Talking Phone*
Big Wheel by Marx*
Cassette Movie Projector*
Electronic 2-Man Skeet*
E-Z Tracer by K-Tel*
Give-A-Show Projector by Kenner*
Gnip Gnop
Green Machine*
Hugo, Man of a Thousand Faces
Injector by Mattel*
Juliette Hair Styling Salon*
Kenner Jukebox
Lite Brite*
Mobile Crime Lab*
Pet Rock
Play Stone Set*
Power Shop by Mattel*
Rebound game*
Ricochet Racers*
Road Devils*
Sea Monkeys
See n Say by Mattel*
Sew Perfect*
Silly Putty*
Speedway Racing Set*
SSP Smash Up Derby*
Star Bird
Stretch Armstrong
Talking Clock by Mattel*
Tracer Gun
Water Wiggle by Wham-O*

Handheld Electronic Games

Digital Derby*
Electronic Football by Mattel*
Electronic Quarterback by Coleco*

Other Categories:

(see Batman - 1960's)

Battlestar Galactica

Colonial Scarab*
Colonial Viper*
Cylon Raider*
Viper Launch Station*
(see also Battlestar Galactica action figures on the Mattel page)
Direction Finder*
Jigsaw Puzzle*
Spark Shooter*

Marvel Superheroes

Planet Of The Apes

Canister Puzzle*
Friction-Powered Prison Wagon*
Halloween Costume by Ben Cooper*
Mix n Mold Astronaut Burke*
Playset by Multiple Toys*
Sky Diving Parachutist*
(see also Planet of the Apes action figures on the Mego page)

Six Million Dollar Man

Bionic Bustout! model kit*
Canister Puzzle*
Canister Puzzle 2*
Poster Put-Ons*

Star Trek