Star Trek Toys

Mego Klingon action figure Star Trek is mainly seen (and not without cause) as a product of the 1960's. It's true that the show began airing in 1966, and that a number of collectibles devoted to the show appeared during the rest of that decade.

Nevertheless, Star Trek may also be seen as a phenomenon of the 1970's, for that was the decade in which greatest fame began to spread far and wide across the popular culture. Almost as soon as the series went off the air (its last episode was June 3rd, 1969), it went into syndication, where millions more watched it over the next several years than had ever seen it on original broadcast.

As time went on, the popularity of the show began to feed upon itself. For a year starting in 1973, a Saturday-morning cartoon, Star Trek: The Animated Series, kept youthful audiences enthralled. Gold Key (Western Publishing) released a Star Trek comic book series which lasted from 1967 on up through 1979. Also in 1979, after years of rumors and fan anticipation, a Star Trek major motion picture was released, complete with nearly all of the original cast members.

Throughout all of this, the decade of the 1970's saw plenty of toys and collectibles, from action figures to model kits to comics to trading cards, devoted to the world's favorite science-fiction TV program. So, that's why we feel that this section deserves a place here within the scope of 1970's items.

Action Figures

Mego, 1974-1976
Captain Kirk
Mr. Spock
Dr. McCoy
Mr. Scott
Lt. Uhura
the Gorn
the Keeper
Enterprise Bridge Playset
Mission to Gamma VI Playset

Comic Books

Gold Key, 1967-1979*
Dan Curtis Giveaways, 1974*


Arcade Video Game (For-Play, 1972)
Arcade Video Game (Sega, 1983)


Star Trek (Aladdin, 1968)

Model Kits

Exploration Set (AMT, 1974)*


Communicator (Mego, 1974)*
Flying Model Rocket (Estes)*
Klingon Battle Cruiser (Dinky, 1977)*
Pinball Game (AHI, 1976)*
Rocket Pistol (Remco, 1967)
Star Trekulator (Mego, 1976)*
Super Phaser II Target Game (Mego, 1976)*
Tracer Gun (Rayline, 1966)
USS Enterprise CSF (Remco, 1976)*
Utility Belt (Remco, 1975)*

Trading Cards

Star Trek (Leaf, 1967)
Star Trek (Topps, 1976)
Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Topps, 1979)