Hugo Man of a Thousand Faces

Hugo, Man of a Thousand Faces Hugo, Man of a Thousand Faces, was a toy released by Kenner in 1975.

Hugo was basically a half-figure puppet, with cloth arms and a solid plastic head, whose main function was to serve as a sort of dress-up disguise dummy. The doll's head was completely hairless and nearly featureless; it was up to the child to use the accompanying accessories to make Hugo look different.

The puppet came with such disguise materials as a wig, sideburns, grotesque teeth, a variety of scars, a cleft chin, and more. Two small tubes of a very thick, sticky fixative were also enclosed, to (temporarily) stick the disguise pieces onto the Hugo doll's head.

An additional bonus was that the glue would also allow the pieces to be stuck to a person's skin, so that instead of just disguising Hugo, a kid could disguise himself as well. The fixative was in no way permanent, and in fact pieces could be peeled away easily.

The puppet consisted of a stiff, hollow plastic chest with soft cloth arms and rigid hands, along with the rigid plastic head. The puppet measured approximately 13" tall.

Hugo was created by Alan Ormsby, who is known for his film work as both writer and director; he began doing makeup effects, and in fact wrote a book in the 1970's dealing with the subject called Movie Monsters.