Star Bird

Star Bird electronic toy Star Bird was a plastic-bodied, handheld electronic toy that was produced by MB Electronics beginning in 1979.

The Star Bird manual described it as 'The Amazing Spaceship with realistic engine sounds and flashing laser blasts.' The toy was only used in three configurations: the Star Bird which consisted of all available pieces; the Star Bird Fighter which was mostly only the front hull; and the Star Bird Orbiter which was the main body without the front hull. When turned on, the Star Bird would mimic an engine sound. If the toy was pointed upwards the sound would automatically be altered to imply acceleration or taking-off, while a nose down orientation gave the sound of decelerating engines. A button activated the LEDs at the front of the toy, along with a blast noise, to simulate the firing of its lasers. A simple, detachable drone-like Interceptor was provided at the end of each wing. It also had a rotating laser turret which doubled as an escape-pod/orbiter-type ship.

Follow-up toys to the Star Bird, called the Star Bird Space Avenger and the Star Bird Command Base, arrived on the market in 1979.

This toy was developed by Bing McCoy who designed a number of successful toys in the late 70's including Electronic Battleship and ROM the Spaceknight.