Domino Rally

Domino Rally Domino Rally was a toy product manufactured by Pressman Toys in the 1980s and early 1990s. Different sets were produced, each set consisting of several hundred multicolored plastic dominoes (without dots) and a few mechanical devices which could be triggered by falling dominoes. The idea was to set up runs of dominoes and enjoy watching them fall; several sets could be combined to make large displays.

The dominoes that came with Domino Rally sets suffered from some deficiencies that made them frustrating to set up (particularly for children). They were not solid rectangular prisms but rather were hollowed out on one side. The injection molding process used to make them also tended to leave protrusions on the standing edge. The result was that they tended to fall over easily, particularly when setting them up on the stepped staircases and bridges that came with the set. To counter this, the sets included tracks of snap-in dominoes that only fell in one direction. Later sets also included a small wheeled car that would drop dominoes automatically as it moved. This car was dubbed the Domino Dealer, and was also sold separately.

In addition to this flaw, the snaps on the dominoes were very easily broken. When this occurred, the domino was unable to be used in the snap-in assemblies of the set.

Different sets consist of Mad Lab Set, Neon Set, Intermediate set, Expert Set, Rocket Set, and many more. Each set had 'Featured' stunts in it. Such as rocket launchers, hang gliders, planes and many more. All of these things set off more dominoes. The sets Pressman toys ever made were: Basic Set, Intermediate Set, Deluxe Set, Spectacular Stunt Set, Super Stunt Set, Neon Super Deluxe Set, Glow in the Dark Ghost Ride Set, Glow in the Dark Set, Adventure Set, All American Glider Starter Set, Neon Starter Set, Glow in the Dark Starter Set, Pathmaker Set, Domino Dealer Set, Extreme Action Set, Dino Roar Set, Spider Kick-Out Set, and the Mountain Bike Adventure Set.