Fashion Star Fillies

Fashion Star Fillies Fashion Star Fillies was a group of toy model horses created by Kenner Toys in the 1980's. The toys are characterized by their outrageous coloring and realistic sculpting. They were designed to be fashion models whose hair one could style. There were several outfits and accessory packs released as the toy lines developed.

They were popular due to their lustrous paint, quality hair, and breed-accurate figures. Their often outrageous style also complimented the current fashion themes in the 1980's. They came with accessories such as leg-cuffs, barrettes, bows, and combs.

All Fashion Star Fillies toys had a gold star on their cheek (only Cliff had the star on his shoulder).

Accessories included costumes (for example, a ballerina) and outfits (evening gown), as well as accents (barrettes, polishes, stickers, and jewelry). Many were released for adults as well as kids.

The toyline was discontinued in the late 1980's, but fans of the Fashion Star Fillies continue to collect and trade the toys, often via online trading and auction websites.

The first 6 Fashion Star Fillies were:
Chloe: Lippanzanner- White, and dappled with silver and white hair
Dara: Andulusian- Green and purple tipped with green hair
Calla: Arabian- Pearl-white with deep purple hair
Nikki: Polo Pony- Purple with silver tips and pink w/purple hair
Lani: Palomino -Orange with silver & white tips and yellow/orange hair
Joelle: Thoroughbred- Purple with green tips and curly purple hair

Thanks to Jenny White (frankcheez @ Flickr) for use of the photo!