Gross-Out Gang

Gross-Out Gang The Gross Out Gang were a set of six rubber figures meant to cash in on the then-popular toy genre of the gross-out, which emphasized grotesque characters, an abundance of bodily fluids, etc. (much like Garbage Pail Kids cards). The figures were manufactured by Skilcraft in 1987.

The Gang consisted of:
- Blow Hard - with very swollen lips, including drool
- Egg Brain - with outsized brain
- Fat-So - token fat character with blueberry pie shoved into his mouth, another pie in his right hand, & stomach protruding from under shirt
- Nose Ark - with huge nose; character comes with a little crutch to prop it up - Seezall - with enormous eyes, including one protruding from the top of his head & one in the back of his head. - Wired Wilma - sports braces on her monstrous teeth

Apparently at some point the Gang had been a group of ordinary high school friends who, through some scientific experiment, were changed into their present state & turned into superheroes (each figure wears a cape).

There was a thin justification for the characters' crudities, ostensibly that kids could learn to accept others despite their outward appearance.

(Note: The image above was taken from the Weirdo Toys website.)