Madballs Madballs were a series of toy rubber balls made up of weird, 'ugly' faces, which were created by AmToy (a subsidiary of American Greetings) in the mid-1980's. The toys incorporated the gross-out humor popular at the time, much in the manner of Wacky Packages or Garbage Pail Kids. Each Madball was a unique character with a name and backstory.

Original Madballs:
- Aargh : A one-eyed, blue Frankenstein's monster
- Crack Head : A head with an exposed brain (later renamed 'Bash Brain,' due to the unpleasant connotations of 'crack head' as a slang term for a drug user).
- Dustbrain : A mummy
- Hornhead : A horned cyclops
- Oculus Orbus : An eyeball
- Screamin Meemie : A baseball with a frightening face and large tongue
- Skull Face : A skull
- Slobulus : A drooling creature with one eye hanging out

2nd Series Madballs:
- Bruise Brother : An ugly biker
- Fist Face : A hand clutching an eyeball
- Freaky Fullback : A mutant football player
- Lock Lips : A creature with its jaw locked shut with a padlock and one eye covered by a riveted plate
- Snake Bait : A gorgon
- Splitting Headache : Unmatching left and right head sides stitched together
- Swine Sucker : An ugly pig
- Wolf Breath : A werewolf

Super Madballs:
- Foul Shot : A basketball bursting open to reveal a face with worms crawling out of one eye socket
- Goal Eater : A soccer ball with very large pointed teeth
- Touchdown Terror : An American football with a manic grin and missile-like fins and tip

Madballs became popular enough to be licensed for other products, including an animated TV show, comic books, stickers, etc.