Mighty Men and Monster Maker

Mighty Men & Monster Maker The Mighty Men and Monster Maker was a tracing toy released by Tomy (and possibly Parker Brothers?). It allowed users to create pictures of various types of characters, including monsters, superheroes, and various sci-fi and fantasy types.

It worked thus: the user could choose from any combination of pre-drawn heads, torsos, and bottom halves of various characters. These were molded in relief on plastic pieces that fit together in a tray on the left of the toy (the pieces were normally kept in slots on the right). The pieces were of different combinations of fantasy characteristics - i.e., the head may be a monster's, the torso may be that of a futuristic superhero holding a raygun, the bottom half may feature a serpent's tail, etc.

The chosen pieces were placed in the tray on the left with a blank sheet of paper placed over them, then a plastic frame was placed around it all to hold everything in place. The user took a black wax crayon (supplied with the toy) and rubbed it lengthwise over the paper. The raised drawings on the pieces caused the crayon to reproduce the full character on the paper, a technique even smaller children could accomplish.

The user could then use colored pencils to color in the finished tracing.

The back of the box read:

"Aspiring mad scientists, pay attention. This is how to create your own mighty men and monsters. First choose the plates you want to use for your creation; a top plate for the head, a middle plate for the body, and a bottom plate for the legs and tail. There are 18 different plates to choose from. Now arrange the plates from head to toe, under the picture frame.

Your next step is to slip a sheet of paper under the frame. If you run the special crayon over the paper you will get the outline of your might man or monster. This could be the start of something weird...

Turn the plates over to the textured side and use the colored pencils to color the costumes and skin of your creature. There are 4 different textures: scales, hair, and things too strange to describe. You can design unique creatures, even funny combinations of super guys and monsters. Everything that you need is included in this kit. You can come up with hundreds, thousands, even millions of combinations. It's a regular heroes and rogues gallery for aspiring mad scientists age six and up."

Other similar tracing sets were produced, including one where little girls could put different fashion accessories on a character.