Action Boy

Action Boy Action Boy was an action figure, the youthful sidekick of the well known Captain Action, the original super hero action figure created by Ideal toys in 1966. Ideal followed in the footsteps of such classic boy-sidekick characters as Robin the Boy Wonder (Batman), Bucky Barnes (golden age Captain America), and others: the youthful adventuring companion began with Robin but soon afterward became a cliche with many superhero characters.

Action Boy's original costume was red and blue, while a later edition of the figure wore a metallic silver and blue outfit similar to a space suit. Both editions came with a leashed black panther (named Khem in the Captain Action comic series). Action Boy's accessories included a boomerang, knife, and utility belt, as well as his cloth costume, beret, and boots.

As with Captain Action, Ideal created costumes for Action Boy including Robin (with Batarangs and other accessories), Superboy, and Aqualad. The packaging art on these costume boxes was drawn by famous silver age DC artist Murphy Anderson.