Captain Action toy line

Captain Action Captain Action was a toy line released by Ideal in 1966. Following the success of the popular G.I. Joe action figures Hasbro, Captain Action was a fighting man who could also be dressed in different outfits and use various weapons; but instead of being a pure military hero, he could become more fantastic figures like superheroes. This was accomplished by not only putting different outfits on the doll, but masks as well.

The first line of Capt. Action figures had him changing into nine different comic-strip heroes: Batman, Superman, Flash Gordon, the Lone Ranger, Capt. America, Aquaman, the Phantom, Steve Canyon, and Sgt. Fury. Each of the costume changes came in their own separately- sold window boxes for easy perusal and purchase. They came with the clothing and mask, as well as accessories and/or weapons unique to the particular character. Batman's, of course, came with his batarang and utility belt, along with other tools like a flashlight and grappling hook; Superman came with a hunk of kryptonite, his dog Krypto, and also (in a faithfulness to the comics usually unknown with toy companies) a phantom ray projector.

With the second wave of accessories the next year, Capt. Action got a sidekick in the form of the youthful Action Boy. Action Boy had different outfits, too: he could be changed into Superboy, Robin the Boy Wonder, or Aqualad (what - no Bucky for Captain America?). Each of these teenaged heroes, too, came with their own unique set of accessories. The Captain's new outfits (Sgt. Fury was dropped) included Spider-Man, Buck Rogers, Tonto (Lone Ranger's pal), and the Green Hornet, whose TV show debuted the previous year. In these new outfit packs, as well as the re-issued First Wave packs, kids received a 'video-matic' flasher ring, whose image changed from the package character to Capt. Action and back again.

The Captain also got an arch-enemy: called Dr. Evil (not to be confused with Austin Powers's nemesis), he was a blue-skinned alien whose brain was exposed; he came with a ray gun, bearded human disguise, and a snazzy pre-disco medallion. In addition, Capt. Action got some more generic accessory packs including such things as a parachute or jet pack, as well as a land-sea vehicle called the Silver Streak. During its lifetime, the line sported a number of different gift sets, box designs, and accessory combinations. Sears and Montgomery Ward each issues exclusive headquarters pieces for the hero.

But it wasn't meant to last. The toy line was shut down in 1968 due to falling sales. It had only a brief, two-and-a-half-year life span, but Captain Action remains one of the most fondly remembered of male action figures.

Captain Action (4 different boxes)
Action Boy (2 different boxes)
Dr. Evil (2 different boxes)

Accessories Packs
Inter-Galactic Jet Mortar*
Inter-Spacial Directional Communicator*
Parachute Pack*

Costume Packs
Batman costume* (2 different packages)
Buck Rogers costume*
Captain America costume* (2 different packages)
Green Hornet costume*
Lone Ranger costume* (2 different packages)

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