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GI Joe action figure

America's Movable Fighting Man

The first true action figure, G.I. Joe made his debut in 1964 with a small line of four 12"-tall figures (representing each of the armed service branches) and a handful of accessories. Until the end of the decade Joe was a strictly military man, undertaking various missions overseas in a primarily World War II setting. At the end of the decade, submitting to popular feelings about the horrors of the Vietnam War, the Joes took on a decidedly more thrill-seeking role as the Adventure Team. Finally, again bending to current sentiments, the line of Super Joes was born, in which the formerly military man gained fantastic abilities and took on otherworldly enemies.

The 1980's saw the reemergence of G.I. Joe, but times had changed: rising oil prices had necessitated the creation of smaller action figures, a trend which gained ground with Kenner's immensely popular Star Wars line of figures and accessories. Therefore, a new grouping of Joes was introduced in 3-3/4" form. The figures became wildly popular with young boys, producing several series (over more than a decade) of characters, weapons, and vehicles, as well as an animated TV series, a comic book, and more.

Original Series

Figures and Figure Sets
Action Marine
Action Soldier
Canadian Mountie Set
Forward Observer Set
G.I. Nurse*
Machine Gun Emplacement Set
Navy Scuba Set
Talking Action Soldier

Accessories Sets
Air Cadet Set*
Air Sea Rescue Set*
Amphibious Duck*
Astronaut Set
Bivouac Machine Gun Set
Breeches Buoy
Communications Field Set
Communications Flag Set
Crash Crew Set*
Deep Sea Diver Set
Frogman Set*
Jungle Fighter Set
Marine First Aid Set
Marine Medic Set
Marine Weapons Rack Set
Motorcycle and Sidecar*
Mountain Troops Set
Navy Attack Set
Navy Life Preserver Jacket
Navy Machine Gun Set
Official Sea Sled & Frogman Set
Paratrooper Parachute Pack
Paratrooper Small Arms Set
Sabotage Set
Scramble Air Vest and Equipment Set
Scramble Communications Set*
Scramble Crash Helmet
Scramble Set
Shore Patrol Set
Ski Patrol Set
Snow Troop Set
Staff Car*

Adventures of GI Joe (1969)

Rescue Diver*

Action Soldiers of the World

Australian Jungle Fighter*
German Soldier*
Japanese Imperial Soldier*

Adventure Team

Figure Sets
Black Adventurer
Man of Action w/ Kung Fu Grip*
Mike Power, Atomic Man
Sea Adventurer
Sea Adventurer w/ Kung Fu Grip
Talking AT Black Commander

Accessories Sets
Aerial Recon Set
Capture Copter Adventure
Capture of the Pygmy Gorilla
Danger of the Depths
Dangerous Removal Set*
Desert Explorer*
Desert Survival
Devil of the Deep*
Emergency Rescue Set*
Escape From Danger Action Pack*
Fate of the Troubleshooter*
Hidden Treasure
High Voltage Escape
Hurricane Spotter
Jungle Survival
Karate Set
Long Range Recon
Mystery of the Boiling Lagoon
Night Surveillance
Peril of the Raging Inferno
Photo Recon Set*
Radiation Detection
Raging River Dam Up
Sandstorm Survival Adventure*
Search for the Stolen Idol
Sea Wolf
Secret Agent
Secret Mission to Spy Island
Secret Rendezvous
Seismograph Set
Solar Communicator
Spacewalk Mystery Set w/ Astronaut
Super Adventure Set*
Undercover Agent
Volcano Jumper
White Tiger Hunt

Super Joe

Emergency Rescue*
Magna Tools*
Paths of Danger*
Rocket Command Center*

3-3/4" Figures

Series 1, 1982
Breaker - Communications Officer*
Flash - Laser Rifle Trooper*
Grunt - Infantry Trooper*
Stalker - Ranger*
Zap - Bazooka Soldier*
Mobile Missile System (MMS)*
Motorized Battle Tank (MOBAT)*

Series 2, 1983
Doc - Medic*
Duke - First Sergeant*
Snake-Eyes - Commando*
Torpedo - SEAL*
Tripwire - Mine Detector*

Series 3, 1984
Rip Cord - HALO Jumper*
Storm Shadow*

Series 4, 1985
Alpine - Mountain Trooper*
Barbecue - Fire Fighter*
Bazooka - Missile Specialist*
Dusty - Desert Trooper*
Footloose - Infantry Trooper*
Buzzer - Dreadnok*
Crimson Guard - Cobra Elite Trooper*
Torch - Dreadnok*
Cobra Hydrofoil (Moray)*

Series 5, 1986
Hawk - G I Joe Commander*
Iceberg - Snow Trooper*
Leatherneck - Marine*
Low-Light - Night Spotter*
Mainframe - Computer Specialist*
Sci-Fi - Laser Trooper*
B.A.T. - Cobra Android Trooper*
Dr. Mindbender - Master of Mind Control*
Monkeywrench - Dreadnok*
Zandar - Zartan's Brother*
Dreadnok Swampfire*
Fast Draw - Mobile Missile Specialist*