Sea Wolf

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G I Joe Sea Wolf The Sea Wolf miniature submarine was one of the vehicle/accessory sets developed for the GI Joe Adventure Team line and was introduced in 1975.

The Sea Wolf was a white one-man submarine with clear dome top that Joe could fit into for undersea missions. The set even included a breathing mask and 12-inch-long airhose so that Joe could take short trips out of the sub for repairs or to perform other necessary tasks (although how he got in and out of the sub without it filling with water, or how he could survive the ocean depths with only a small breathing mask, were never explored).

The beauty of the Sea Wolf was that it really was a working underwater vehicle - kids could put Joe in, seal it up, and set it through its paces in the bathtub or pool, controlling the craft by way of a hand-held controller. The craft could (when assembled correctly) dive, submerge, sit underwater, and surface again. The front of the sub held not only a pair of pincer arms to grab underwater treasure and such, but also a mounted camera.

Besides the sub, the 'star' of this set was the Giant Squid which menaced Joe and threatened to crush his submersible.

This set includes:
Submarine, including all valves and rudders
Remote control pump/viewer
Face mask
Swim Trunks
Giant Squid
Instruction sheet
Adventure Booklet.