Official Sea Sled and Frogman

Official Sea Sled and Frogman on Ebay
G I Joe Sea Sled and Frogman The Official Sea Sled and Frogman vehicle and accessory set was released in 1966 for use with the GI Joe action figures. It came equipped with a figure, the Action Sailor.

This elaborate accessory set saw the Action Sailor operating at speed under water. This was in the immediate post-Thunderball era, so underwater adventures were a part of young boys' imaginations.

Note: There are two versions of this set. The one pictured at right was available for sale at retail outlets. There was also a Sears Roebuck exclusive set in more plain packaging, which contained more items (indicated below).

This set contained:
Action Sailor figure
Scuba outfit
Scuba face mask
Swim fins
Oxygen tanks
Sea sled with rudder, windshield, etc.
Propeller (required 3 D batteries)
Radar screen
Instruction sheet.