Spacewalk Mystery

G I Joe Spacewalk Mystery Along with the other accessory sets released in 1970 with the original GI Joe Adventure Team figures, Hasbro produced the 'Official Adventure Team Vehicle' sets which were larger, more elaborate (and pricey) accessory packs which included, among other things, vehicles for the Joe characters which were large enough to accommodate the 11-1/2" figures.

This accessory set was made specifically with the Adventure Team Astronaut figure in mind, of course. Like other larger Adventure Team sets, this one had a story attached, or at least a piece of a story: while stepping out of his capsule into the vacuum of space, the Astronaut discovers that the tether tying him to his craft is broken. This set came complete with an audio record to help create this exciting scenario.

This set includes:
Man Of Action figure;
Space Capsule;
Silver astronaut space suit;
Space boots;
Helmet with visor;
Tether cord;
Propellant gun;
45rpm record;
Instruction sheet;
Adventure Team booklet.