Bionic Bigfoot

Bionic Bigfoot action figure The Bionic Bigfoot was part of the Six Million Dollar Man line of action figures and accessories produced after the success of that television show starring Lee Majors.

The figure stood over 12" high - meant to be somewhat taller than the regular Steve Austin figure, and was inarticulate: its elbows and knees were rigid, and its head could not turn. In the center of the figure's chest was a 'pop-out' section which could be removed (ostensibly by Steve Austin punching the creature on just the right spot), revealing 'bionic' circuitry within.

Bigfoot was a recurring character on the Six Million Dollar Man show, first appearing in the two-part episode "The Secret of Bigfoot." The creature was soon revealed to be a robot built by alien beings. Bigfoot was originally played by the celebrated wrestler Andre the Giant, and in later episodes by Ted Cassidy, best known as Lurch from The Addams Family.

Although the Bigfoot character and Steve Austin were originally enemies during the show, during later appearances the two are comrades, and this is reflected in the toy line: this figure positioned him as a super-strong enemy of Austin, while later toys have the two teaming up.

This was one of the first toys devoted to the man-like creature that supposedly roams parts of the North American wilderness.