Alien action figure by Kenner

Kenner Alien action figure In 1979, Kenner released a large (over 18 inches tall) action figure devoted to the monster from the sci-fi/horror film Alien.

This figure was particularly high-quality and articulated, especially considering the era in which it was produced; and as a result, it is one of the most well-regarded and highly-sought-after action figures of its era. Its head was see-through on top, with glowing parts visible; the second 'mouth' of the alien character (a well-remembered characteristic) would protrude with the pressing of a lever on the figure's back.

Oddly enough, the toy did not sell well on its initial release - perhaps because of its price, or its horrific design that may have turned away parents. Unsold units were remaindered to discount stores or languished in warehouses. Several years later, toy and action figure collectors would rediscover this high-quality monster toy and give it its current level of prominence.

The Alien film, despite its very realistic horror content, spawned merchandise (including gum cards, short novelizations, puzzles, etc.) marketed to children, who as time went on helped to create an entire franchise of films and toys devoted to the Alien franchise.