Maskatron - Six Million Dollar Man

Maskatron action figure Maskatron was, with Bionic Bigfoot, one of the few badguys produced by Kenner for their Six Million Dollar Man action figure line. Not quite an actual character from the TV show, Maskatron was loosely based on robots created by Dr. Dolenz in the episodes "Day of the Robot" and "Return of the Robot Maker".

Maskatron was of the same size and body configuration as the Steve Austin figure. His torso, arms, legs, and faceplate were metallic gray in color; his trunks were purple, while his neck and the back of his head were those of a white male with dark hair. His 'undisguised' forearms were also flesh-colored. Maskatron's exposed face was a mass of circuitry, as were three sections of his chest, which could be removed.

The action figure came equipped with three masks allowing the robot character to be disguised: Steve Austin (the only Steve Austin face in the action figure line, incidentally, to have two 'regular' eyes), Oscar Goldman, and a third generic male face, which closely resembled John Saxon, the actor who played Major Fred Sloan, the first to be replaced by an android duplicate. He also The figure also came with two extra detachable arms which extended his powers: the Super Suction Arm and the Vice Grip Arm.

Maskatron's body contained several small buttons, or 'pressure points,' that allowed bits of the figure to pop off when pressed - this was so that boys could pretend that Steve Austin was causing parts of the robot to be ripped off. The figure's back was a hollow space in which the masks could be stored.

As the advertising blurb for the character states: "Add new realistic competition to your bionic adventures. Shrewd! Strong! He can fool your friends with mask disguises. His robot body is full of electronic pretend gadgetry-two "weapon" arms make him ALMOST invincible! Only you and Steve Austin know where to strike MASKATRON and "pow"-arms, legs-even his head flies off! Dressed in civilian clothes."

Given the popularity of this toy, as well as the fact that its softer parts have tended to melt and otherwise decomposed in the intervening years, the Maskatron figure is difficult to find in good shape, with complete accessories box being particularly difficult and expensive to acquire.