Oscar Goldman action figure

Oscar Goldman action figure With all due respect to actor Richard Anderson, the character of Oscar Goldman probably wasn't one for which kids of the 1970's were clamoring to get an action figure. Nevertheless, Goldman was an important piece of the mythologies of both the Six Million Dollar Man and Bionic Woman shows, and if kids wanted to faithfully recreate their favorite bionic adventures, then they needed a figure to represent their OSI contact.

The Oscar Goldman figure was of the same basic size and configuration as the Steve Austin figure, with a head molded to resemble that of Anderson. The figure came dressed in green turtleneck sweater, checked sports coat, brown pants, and dark brown shoes.

Since the Goldman character didn't have any super-abilities, the figure instead came with a properly James Bond-inspired device: a briefcase containing secretive materials. These included pages that represented information about Steve Austin, circuit diagrams, a map, and other sensitive information; also included were a radio headset and 'video scanner.' The most interesting aspect of the case was that, if a badguy character opened it incorrectly, it 'exploded' - the device popped up and its interior changed to look as if the contents were rendered destroyed. It could then by reset by the child for the next adventure.

The box blurb reads: "This newest action figure is Oscar Goldman, the O.S.I. Chief. Oscar Goldman has a very special briefcase. If opened correctly, the briefcase contains secret files, radio headset and video scanner. However, if the enemy opens the briefcase, it "explodes"! Oscar Goldman comes dressed in checkered sports coat, slacks, turtleneck and shoes."

Although somewhat difficult to find in better, boxed condition, the Oscar Goldman figure generally isn't as difficult to locate or as expensive as the Maskatron and Bionic Bigfoot figures. Also released in conjunction with this figure was the 'OSI Headquarters' playset, which can be very difficult to find.