Marx Lone Ranger action figures

Lone Ranger Silver action figure Marx released a series of action figures devoted to the Lone Ranger character starting in 1976. In the U.S. the figures are more commonly found under the Gabriel (or Hubley) brand name, with Marx on the European boxes, but the toys are essentially the same.

The series was a colorful and varied one, with various characters, horses, and accessories available. Each figure was about 9" tall (one inch higher than the successful Mego figures), was fully articulated, and came wearing clothing that could be removed. In fact, many of the accessory packs necessitated disguising the Lone Ranger (or possibly his faithful Indian life partner Tonto) in such personas as the Mysterious Prospector.

Other characters rounded out the line, such as the villainous Butch Cavendish and the savage Red Sleeves, as well as junior characters Little Bear and Danny Reid. Horses were available for some characters, including the famous Silver and Scout, the main heroes' beloved steeds. Although no elaborate playsets were produced (at least in the American market - if this is wrong, please let us know), each accessory pack (along with such 'environments' as the Prairie Wagon and Tribal Tepee) allowed for all sorts of imaginative adventures.

Lone Ranger
Butch Cavendish
Danny Reid
El Lobo (Europe)
Tex Dawson (Europe)
Lone Ranger & Silver (w/ 8-Way Action Saddle)
Tonto and Scout

Accessory Packs (Adventure of the... )
Hidden Rattler Adventure
Mysterious Prospector

Silver (horse)
Smoke (horse)