Bill Buck - Best of the West

Bill Buck action figure Bill Buck was the fourth (and final) action figure in the Fort Apache Fighters group, which was part of the larger Johnny West toyline. Bill Buck was presumably a civilian who acted as a scout for the cavalry.

The 12" figure was molded in caramel-colored, hard plastic, with a unique body mold (including string tie) and different boots from the other figures. The head was similar to Marx's earlier Daniel Boone release, but somewhat narrower, with sunken cheeks.

The Bill Buck body mold would be reused later for Marx's Sheriff Garrett figure.

Bill Buck's 14 accessories came in the soft brown type, as well as the harder black plastic. Bill Buck's soft accessories (including coonskin cap, canteen, and fur vest) were identical to ones that came with the earlier Daniel Boone figure. The stiffer, black accessories (including Army pistol, rifle, binoculars, bugle, and blanket roll) were identical to the ones issued with the other Fort Apache Fighters.

The Bill Buck figure was only produced a short time, about 1967 to 1968.