Barve Erik the Viking

Brave Erik the Viking In addition to cowboys, astronauts, and knights, Marx also produced a pair of Viking warriors that corresponded to the size and design of the Johnny West line.

Erik was the blonde Viking figure, his hair in a pageboy cut and his eyes tinted blue. His body was molded of light blue-green hard plastic and he enjoyed the same articulation as the later Johnny West figures.

Erik's 22 accessories came in brown and made of softer plastic, and dark brown, in stiffer plastic. These included his cape, Viking helmets, shield, spear, bow and arrows, short sword, horn, sword, etc.

The other Viking figure from Marx was called Odin. There were also a pair of horses made for them, a palomino and a dark-brown horse. Both figures were apparently available separately or packaged together with their respective mount. There was also a Giant Medieval Castle playset, for use with full-sized figures.

The Vikings are part of what Marx called its 'Knight and Viking Series.'

The Viking figures were only produced between 1970 and 1972.

Later reproductions of Erik come with white bodies.