Capt. Maddox - Best of the West

Capt. Maddox by Marx Captain Tom Maddox was the second of the Fort Apache Fighters produced by Marx, as part of the larger Johnny West line of action figures.

The figure was molded in blue hard plastic, using essentially the same body mold as the previous Zeb Zachary. Hands and feet were molded in a softer flesh color, and his brunette hair was painted on.

Capt. Maddox's accessories are identical to Zeb Zachary's - black and yellow soft plastic - with one exception: also included were a pair of epaulet stickers, to stick on Maddox's shoulders to show his rank of captain. The accessories included pistol, sabre, rifle, blanket roll, hats, holster, canteen, etc.

Toward the end of the production run, Captain Maddox figures were produced using a deeper blue for the body, with his accessories being dark blue and silver-colored (along with the usual yellow FAF items, the bandanna and gloves).

Apparently, the Capt. Maddox head was used for Canadian versions of Jimmy West, so there may be no differently-colored foreign versions of the figure.

Capt. Maddox's face very clearly resembles that of Robert Conrad, the actor from Wild Wild West. It is widely accepted that Marx had planned a WWW line that was never produced; and Marx, never having already created the Conrad-likeness head mold, decided to use it here.