Daniel Boone - Best of the West

Marx Daniel Boone action figure In the mid-60's, the Marx toy company decided to go after some TV character licenses to give an additional boost to their action figure line. This was a bold step for them, due to the fact that the company traditionally went with historical characters, or came up with their own.

The Daniel Boone TV series was a natural fit. Kids loved it, and Westerns were riding high in the ratings. Marx decided to create an action figure devoted to the historical character, and came up with a face for their new item that resembled actor Fess Parker.

The Daniel Boone action figure was produced in 1965, Marx stock #2060. The body was molded out of solid light-brown plastic, with the head and hands a softer, flesh-colored plastic. Like Stony Smith, the Daniel Boone figure did not have articulated hips or knees. The body-mold styling was also similar to the earlier Smith, but with a buckskin theme.

The figure came with a total of 28 accessories, the softer ones molded in chocolate-brown and the sturdier ones in a darker brown. These included a rifle, two pistols, animal traps, hat, coonskin cap, knife, tomahawk, etc.

The Western style and theme of this figure would help to inspire the soon-to-come Best of the West line.