General Custer - Best of the West

General Custer action figure by Marx General George Armstrong Custer is mainly remembered for getting his clock cleaned by Sitting Bull at the battle of Little Big Horn. Here, he's the third in Marx's series of action figures known as the Fort Apache Fighters, part of the larger 12" Johnny West line. General Custer began production in 1967 and was produced during the entire life of the toyline.

The body was molded in a deep blue design reminiscent of a contemporary cavalry general's uniform (Zeb Zachary's and Capt. Maddox's body molds wore suspenders). The general's hands and head were made of a softer, flesh-colored plastic, with blonde hair and moustache painted on.

General Custer's accessories were identical to Zeb Zachary's - black items with two yellow ones, a kerchief and gloves - with the exception that Custer was given a general's hat instead of a regular cavalry officer's hat. The accessories included a pistol, rifle, sabre, blanket roll, binoculars, hats, bugle, etc.

The Custer figure's body stayed the same color up to the end of the Johnny West line in 1975, unlike many other figures. Some of the accessories, however, were made a silver color in the later production lines.