Jamie West - Best of the West

Jamie West The Jamie West action figure was released by Marx starting in 1967. He was the first child of the West family available for sale.

The Jamie West figure stood 7-1/2" tall, compared to the adult Marx figures at 12".

The figure's body was molded out of caramel-colored hard plastic, with softer flesh-colored plastic for the hands and feet; the character's dark hair was painted on. Jamie came with only 12 accessories, all molded out of the same soft brown plastic; there were no rigid accessories with this figure.

The Jamie West accessories included a pistol, knife, bandana, hats, chaps, vest, holster, etc.

A later version of the figure, released toward the end of the production run, was molded in the same blue body plastic as the Fort Apache Fighters (aka, Capt. Maddox and General Custer). The accessories with this version came in both light and dark brown. Some Jamie West accessories have been found in an even lighter shade of brown, possibly as part of a test issue.

Jamie West figures were sold in Canada with black bodies and coral-colored accessories.