Jane West - Best of the West

Jane West action figure The Jane West action figure was part of the Best of the West 12" line. She was introduced in 1966 as Johnny West's wife (see separate Johnny West article) and, presumably, to possibly get some girls to buy into the toy line. The Marx stock number for Jane West is #2067.

Jane West was manufactured with a turquoise hard-plastic body, with softer plastic hands and head (with blond hair and red ribbon painted on). The first model Jane had an unsmiling, not-altogether-flattering face and slightly tousseled hair; subsequent models were prettier, with more slender, barely smiling faces and the hair modeled in a more neatly-brushed manner.

Jane West came with a total of 36 accessories. Again, as with other Best of the West figures, the accessories came in a lighter color for the softer items and a darker one for the stiffer items. Jane's soft-accessories came in different colors during her production run; the first issue were light-brown, but this was later changed to cream-colored. A still later issue came partially with blue, white, and pewter accessories. (Also, one odd variation has been found with dark blue-purple, although this was probably a test issue.) The stiff items were dark brown, and most of these were essentially the same as those that were issued with the Johnny West figure.

The Jane West accessories included skirts, vests, cowboy hats, holster, pistol, rifle, branding irons, bucknife, frying pan, etc.

Besides the facial update, the Jane West figure remained essentially the same throughout its production lifetime of 1966 to 1975. At one point in the early 70's, the upper-body rivets were changed to provide more support. The hands were also changed (like Johnny's) to better accommodate holding accessories.

The final version of the figure was apparently produced in a red body color, with the soft accessories in blue and white and the stiff ones in pewter (as mentioned previously).

The Canadian version came modeled with a black body, and pink and pewter accessories.

The boxes for Jane West changed over the years; the original features a color drawing of the character; this was soon changed to a photograph of the doll then, with the final boxes (in which the line was called 'Johnny West Adventure'), a different drawing again.