Janice West - Best of the West

Janice West action figure Janice West was the sixth and last member of the alliterative Johnny West family, first produced in 1967.

Like her siblings, Janice stood 7-1/2" tall, and molded in the same bright blue as sister Josie and the Fort Apache Fighters cavalry figures. Hands and head were a softer flesh-colored plastic, with dark hair, ribbon, and quite a bit of eye makeup painted on.

Janice West's accessories were the same as Josie's, cream-colored soft plastic includign hats, scarf, skirt, vest, bandanna, compact, etc.

Janice's main body mold differed from Josie's in that Janice's shirt sported a flowery pattern; apparently, some of these were used for Josie figures later in the production run.

Janice West figures toward the end of the production run sported red bodies with white and yellow accessories.

The Canadian variation of this figure had a darker blue body and light-green accessories.