Jay West - Best of the West

Jay West Jay West was released in 1967, the fourth member of the West family in what was then being called the Johnny West Series. Whereas Jamie was a brunette, Jay was a blonde.

Like Jamie, Jay stood at 7-1/2" tall, with a hard plastic caramel-colored body, flesh-colored hands and feet, and painted-on blonde hair. One difference between the two - a minor one - was that Jay's body had pockets molded into the design.

Jay's accessories were identical to Jamie's: there were 12 brown, soft-vinyl items such as pistol, hats, vest, bandana, knife, chaps, canteen, etc.

Jay West figures toward the end of the production run were molded in dark brown, and the accessories were apparently a garish red and yellow.

Canadian issues of Jay West featured black bodies and white accessories.