Jed Gibson - Best of the West

Jed Gibson action figure The Jed Gibson action figure, part of the Johnny West/Best of the West line, was released by Marx in 1975.

Jed's body, legs, and arms were molded in the same hard blue plastic as the 'Army' Johnny West figures (Captain Maddox, etc.). His face and hands were deep brown. His accessories were variously colored brown, ivory, and gold.

Jed Gibson's accessories included:
Fur vest
Coonskin cap
Range hat
Fur pelts
Pouch and strap
Blanket roll
1873 Springfield rifle
Bugle - see note.

Jed Gibson was the only Black action figure in the Johnny West line (technically he was part of the Johnny West Adventure line), and in fact was the last 12" Johnny West-related figure produced by Marx.

Note: Jed's accessories are basicall the same as those for Bill Buck; but as Jed's head is slightly smaller, the hats had to be altered somewhat to fit the figure.

Also note: The bugle, although pictured on the box, is rarely found packaged with the figure.

Value: Mint, boxed Jed Gibson figures can go for nearly $1,200. Loose figures can be found for $100-350 depending on condition and number of accessories offered.