Josie West - Best of the West

Josie West by Marx Josie West was the fifth member of the Johnny West family of action figures, and the first daughter. The doll entered production in 1967, and was intended possibly to entice girls to start purchasing figures from the toyline.

Josie was 7-1/2" tall, like brothers Jamie and Jay. Her body was molded in bright blue, with softer flesh-colored hands and head, and hair painted blonde with red ribbons.

Josie's accessories were all made with softer plastic, again like Jamie and Jay, but in a cream color. There were 13 accessories in all, including two hats, a skirt, bandana, kerchief, and compact.

Toward the end of the production run, Marx changed Josie's body to a more greenish color, and gave her red and white accessories. Note: some of the Josies from this period may have used the body molds of her sister, Janet.

The Canadian variation of this figure was a darker blue with white accessories.