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Johnny West and Jane West Louis Marx Co. was for decades the top toy producer in the United States, aiming for the lower end of the market but always producing an astonishing variety of playthings. Known primarily for their dollhouses and playsets, in the 1960's the company attempted to enter the still-early action figure market which was then dominated by G.I. Joe.

Marx found their greatest niche with what would become the Best Of The West line, a family of Western-themed action figures centered around cowboy Johnny West and his family. With Johnny's wife and children were also historical figures (like Davy Crockett), some generic Western characters (Sheriff Garrett), a handful of Indians, and even a badguy who dressed in black from head to toe, the slippery Sam Cobra.

Over the years Marx produced a number of interesting action figure series, but none of its other lines would achieve the same success as the Best of the West gang.

Western Series / Best of the West

Bill Buck
Captain Tom Maddox
Chief Cherokee
Daniel Boone
General Custer
Jamie West
Jane West
Janice West
Jay West
Jed Gibson
Johnny West
Josie West
Princess Wildflower*
Sam Cobra
Sheriff Garrett
Zeb Zachary


Johnny Apollo Astronaut

Lone Ranger Series

Secret Agent / Spy Series

Mike Hazard Double Agent

Stony Smith

Stony 'Stonewall' Smith


Brave Erik the Viking