Mike Hazard Double Agent

Mike Hazard Secret Agent Mike Hazard, Double Agent was Marx's answer to the James Bond-fueled spy craze sweeping the nation in the mid-1960's. Kids were crazy about the genre, and couldn't get enough of the secret gadgets, exotic weapons, and just plain coolness associated with their idea of international espionage.

The Mike Hazard figure was similar to the previous Stony Smith one in that he stood about 12" and was composed of the same rigid, dark blue plastic; the body style was virtually the same. He was articulated at the shoulders, elbows, hips, and knees, and his face and hands were of a softer flesh-colored plastic.

As any good 60's spy should, Mike Hazard came with a variety of gadgets and secret weapons: pistols, a tear gas pen, rocket launcher, recording devices, briefcase, grenades, and other items, including even a cigarette lighter. Unlike many other Marx figures, Hazard also came with such clothing as a trench coat (with secret pockets), hats, a bullet-proof vest, and even disguises. The figure was loaded with a total of 62 accessory pieces.

Also available was a footlocker to hold all of Hazard's accessories, much like Stony Smith's except this one stood vertically and was of a darker color.

Foreign versions of the Mike Hazard action figure are similar to the American, except (as with many Marx figures) the accessories are of a different color.