Sam Cobra - Best of the West

Sam Cobra action figure Marx released their Sam Cobra action figure starting in the early 1970's. The company used a solid black mold for the body with the head of the Silver Knight figure from their Noble Knights line.

Sam Cobra was a very, very desirable Best of the West figure because, frankly, he was just incredibly cool! It's often easier for a kid to like a villain rather than the hero of a mythology, because villains are usually more colorful. Sam Cobra was fantastically colorful. He was clearly the villain, with his slicked-back hair, goatee, and waxed moustache, not to mention his all-black outfit. And his accessories never included anything as mundane as a coffee pot. Sam Cobra came arrayed with a variety of deadly tools, most of them calculated to separate a man or a bank from their gold at some point. And all of his accessories were molded in black as well.

Gun Belt with Holster and Scabbard
Carpet Bag
Winchester Rifle
Short-Barreled Rifle
Colt Pistol
3 Types of Derringer Pistols
Throwing Knife
Stilleto Knife
Sword Cane (2 pieces)
Dynamite Bundle
4 Pool Cues, one take-apart