Stony Smith by Marx

Stony Smith action figure The Marx toy company couldn't let the success of the G.I. Joe figure go unchallenged, so they came up with their own fighting man action figure in the form of Stony Smith.

Stony resembled Joe in several important ways, mainly in that he came with a number of cool accessories, and that a kid could spend additional money to buy accessory packs or variations on the basic figure.

The original Stony 'Stonewall' Smith, 'The Battling Soldier by Marx,' was Marx stock number #2050, and was produced in 1964. The figure stood about 12" in height and was molded from heavy military-green plastic. The first issue was articulated only in the shoulders, meaning neither his knees nor his waist would bend; also, his hands were opened straight, meaning it was difficult for the figure to hold any of the several items he was bundled with.

The figure came with 54 accessories, all modeled in the same color plastic: various headgear and weapons, a trenching tool, a mess kit, commando knife, etc.

The face was the same familiar to fans of Marx's later Best of the West line because it was the same as that of good old Johnny West. The body size and style, too, were reused for that toyline.

Later versions of Stony include Stony Smith the Paratrooper, in which he is outfitted with a parachute backpack and a poncho in addition to the 54 original items; and Stony Smith the Commando, where he gets still more accessories in the form of a sleeping bag, foot locker, cot, and tent. Stony figures after the initial release also had articulated knees and hips.

A kid-sized footlocker, to hold Stony accessories, was also available, mainly as a mail order item through major retailers. A jeep (with or without searchlight) was also sold.

The Stony Smith line lasted from 1964 through about 1968.