Zeb Zachary - Best of the West

Zeb Zachary action figure by Marx The Zeb Zachary action figure was part of the Johnny West line of figures from Marx. It was actually part of the series called Fort Apache Fighters, which brought a military presence to the toyline in the form of cavalrymen.

The figure was only manufactured for a relatively short time, probably only 1967 to 1969.

Zeb Zachary's body was molded in blue solid plastic, with softer hands and head, and black hair painted on. Zeb Zachary shares the same body mold as the Captain Tom Maddox figure.

The figure came with a total of 22 accessory items, all molded from soft black plastic (except for two items, a kerchief and gloves, molded in bright yellow). These included his rifle, sabre, pistol, hats, blanket, canteen, bugle, binoculars, etc.

The Marx production number for this figure was #1862, which indicates it should have been the first of the Fort Apache Fighters to be produced.