Ming - Flash Gordon

Ming the Merciless action figure Ming [the Merciless] was part of Mattel's Flash Gordon action figure line, released in 1979.

Ming was about 4" in height, and made of hard plastic. The fully-formed action figure (i.e., the clothes are molded on) was moveable only at the shoulders and waist.

The figure's sole accessory was a white laser pistol.

This line of action figures was based upon the well-received Flash Gordon animated TV series that came on Saturday mornings for two seasons in 1979-1980.

Ming the Merciless was the arch-enemy of comic strip character Flash Gordon; their antagonism goes all the way back to 1934 when Flash's adventures first appeared in comic strip format.

Value: A carded Ming, with the bubble intact and the card in excellent condition, can bring about $35.00 - $40.00 in the current market. A loose Ming can be had for about $12.00 - $15.00.