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Major Matt Mason Major Matt Mason was an early action figure from the 1960's, an astronaut who lived and worked on the Moon. Mason's space-suited body was molded of a rubber-like material over a wire armature, with a separately-attached head and a removable space helmet based on early NASA helmets. The toy system included four astronaut action figures, sharing a common body, but different paint jobs and heads.

Mason had a dark brown crew cut and a white suit; Sgt. Storm had blond hair and a red suit; civilian astronaut Doug Davis had a yellow suit and brown hair; civilian astronaut Jeff Long was African-American, with a blue suit. Captain Lazer was a Martian giant who towered over the astronauts (and in fact is rumored to have originally been intended for some other Mattel toy system), with glowing red eyes, a glowing breastplate, and a permanently-attached pistol body in his right hand, all powered by AA batteries in a backpack, and controlled by buttons on that backpack. Callisto was a Jovian with a transparent green head, the same size as the astronauts, while Scorpio was a battery powered, purple and pink colored, Insect-like alien with a glowing head.

There was also another Insect-like alien called Or who came with an Orbitor flying vehicle - unproduced beyond test shots. Also in the toyline were a three-story space station (actually a moonbase), various lunar surface and flying vehicles, mostly battery powered, and various accessories, powered by springs, pneumatics, strings, or batteries.

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Vehicles & Accessories
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