Shogun Warriors action figures

Shogun Warriors Dragun Shogun Warriors were a line of toys, made by Mattel about 1979 that consisted of a series of imported Japanese robot and monster characters, nearly all based on then-popular giant robot anime shows. They were manufactured in various size, the most popular being the appx. 24" tall figures. The line also consisted of 3" and 5" figures and vehicles, both plastic and die-cast metal.

The American 24" figures were largely an attempt to replicate the success of the 'jumbo Machinders' toys that were so highly successful in the 1970's.

The Shogun Warriors line included such characters as:
- Raideen
- Dragun
- Dangard Ace
- Mazinger
- Great Mazinger
- Gaiking
- Poseidon
- Combattler V
- Grendizer
- Godzilla
- Rodan

The most attractive features on these toys were the spring loaded launcher weapons such as missiles, star shuriken, and battle-axes. Some robots were able to launch their fists. The diecast versions of these toys also had the ability to transform. Grandizer, for instance, was changeable into a saucerlike spaceship. But unlike the 80's toy line Transformers, Shogun Warriors transformations were based on disassembly and reassembly into a new mode.

Like certain other toy lines of the 70's, the Shogun Warriors came under pressure due to safety concerns regarding their spring loaded weapons features. Toy manufacturers were facing new regulations due to reported child injuries as a result of playing with these toys. Consequently, many toy companies were forced to remodel existing toy lines with child safe variations (such as spring loaded 'action' missiles that would remain attached to the toy). For this reason, as well as decreasing sales, the Shogun Warriors toyline disappeared by 1980.